The JIREHMAQ MÁQUINAS company was born in 2000, in the city of Londrina,  North of Paraná state (Brazil), with the purpouse of bringing innovation and technology to companies in the industrial sector. We started manufacturing only machines for packaging inks, however with time  the company felt a need to increase and evolve, taking new directions by offering its differentiated services to another companies. Today we aren't only in the paint branch exclusivity and now we manufacture machines for various sectors of the industrial segment. Currently we are the only company in Brazil to produce automatic machines for filling fire extinguishers with ABC powder and tightening valves pressurizators. We are also in the food tracking, with revolutionary projects for coconut water extraction. We also develop unique designs for those who want to expand the capacity of your company. We introduce effective proposals for the automation of your business, bringing you the essential technology for evolution, taking into account the special needs that each of our customers needs. Contact us and ask for a quote.